Skin Tissue Bank

TPL Path Labs tissue biorepository offers more than 1.000.000 human skin FFPE tissue samples covering a wide range of disease types e.g. tumours (benign and malignant), inflammatory skin diseases, drug side effects and autoimmune dermatoses.

Our tissue, derived from a particular ISO 9001:2008 certified histopathological laboratory, is collected and processed according to standardised procedures ensuring the highest quality. Ethically approved by the institutional review board anonymized samples can be used in a variety of applications to support you in your biomarker discovery, assay development and analytical validation.

Tissue specimens are fully diagnosed in house by certified human pathologists, having more than 25 years of experience. All samples can be pre-selected according to histological and immunohistological sub-types and are accompanied by relevant clinical information. This includes basic patient’s demographic information, clinical diagnosis, date of procurement, localisation of excision and an abstracted sample pathology report.