Full Tissue Processing Services

Standard tissue processing services

To adequately and reliably serve our partners, our laboratories are equipped with basic and also highly specialised and high-throughput devices and instruments. We provide fixatives, capsules transport materials among other things if needed. In toxicology, our trimming patterns follow RITA or customer guidelines, offering embedding and slide patterns meeting a diverse range of study standards and special requirements. For special studies, the precise cutting and trimming scheme to maximize meaningful study results will be developed together with you.


  • 4 Trimming stations
  • Standard TPL trimming pattern (reference: RITA guide for trimming) and/or client’s standard
  • Implants/hard materials trimming protocol


  • 2 Vacuum Infiltration Processor Tissue-Tek (Sakura)
  • Standard TPL protocol for processing


  • 8 Microtomes (Leica, Microm)
  • 1 Cryostat (Leica)
  • 3 Paraffin Embedding Systems (Leica, Medite)
  • 8 Waterbaths
  • 8 Cooling plates
  • 3 Slide Quick Dryer
  • 3 Universal Ovens (Memmert)
  • 1 Band saw (Exakt)
  • 1 Diamond saw (Struers)


  • 1 Programmable Slide Stainer (Medite)
  • 1 Immunostainer (Dako)
  • 6 Immunostainers (Ventana Benchmark ULTRA & Discovery ULTRA)
  • 2 Coverslipping Machines (Medite, Thermofisher)


  • Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1 – powerful and high-resolution scanner for the whole field of imaging
  • Bioview – Abbott

Processing of medical devices containing and other hard materials

In addition to our standard histology of soft frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue, we offer processing of plastic-embedded hard tissues as well as medical device containing samples:

  • Processing and embedding
  • Qualitative and morphometric evaluations and analysis of the interface medical device – tissue
  • Immunohistological analyses of your specimens

With years of experience of soft and hard tissue pathology and time-efficient high-quality processing, your specimens are in good hands at TPL Path Labs GmbH.