Experimental & Toxicological Pathology

We offer the complete pathology phase of standard in vivo safety (‘toxicology’) studies of pharmaceuticals, chemicals (according to OECD), nanoparticle, combined biomaterial-pharmaceuticals, as well as implant and device characterization according to ISO 10993.


Our experts welcome and provide you with full support to design the pathology phase of your particular study:

  • non-GLP safety/efficacy studies: efficacy, pharmacological, lead optimization and comparison
  • disease models and efficacy studies: transgenic mouse phenotyping or disease model development purposes


Our portfolio ranges from full tissue processing services, also of special materials such as hard tissue and medical device containing samples, to the final biomarker analysis of your choice. Additionally, we do offer on-site Necropsy service.

No matter which study phase you would like to carry out with us, we can analyze your tissue of interest on different levels:


Further, we currently established DNA and RNA isolation from FFPE material for downstream analysis by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

If quantification is deemed appropriate by the leading pathologist, slides will be directed to our digital pathology and image analysis group.

In addition to these services, TPL Path Labs GmbH has an own courier for door-to-door collection and delivery.